Friday, 24 May 2024
The History of Nakipoğlu Mosque in Konya

The History of Nakipoğlu Mosque in Konya

The Nakipoğlu Mosque was built in 1762 by Nakib'ül Seyid Ibrahim, the Mufti of Konya at that time. The minaret was added two years later in 1764 by Mehmet Emin, son of Nakib'ül Hac Seyid Ibrahim.

The mosque was damaged over time and eventually demolished in 1926. Thankfully, the original minaret was preserved and incorporated into the rebuilt mosque.

There isn't much information about the architectural style of the mosque. However, given its construction date, it was likely built in the Ottoman architectural style. Ottoman mosques are typically characterized by their large central domes, slender minarets, and use of intricate tilework.

The mosque is located in the Karatay district of Konya, on Seyit Ibrahim Street in Nakipoğlu Neighborhood.