Thursday, 18 July 2024
“Doing a good job has no gender”

“Doing a good job has no gender”

How did your career journey begin, can you share the details of your job?

This vast journey started with my student life, but regardless of my professional qualifications, I was someone who wanted to be in the business world of entrepreneurship at the age of 7 or 17. My company is an engineering company, and we are a company that includes Agricultural Irrigation Systems and Agricultural Product range. In fact, we are trying to change the interface of Turkish Agriculture with a team that puts technology and innovation at the center of development and sustainability. In this sense, I can say that I am the only woman in Turkey.

Of course, my existence in the sector has an important mission; it is an indescribable pleasure to be a part of a chain that gives me strength and adds value to people and nature.

Professions do not belong to women or men… Doing a job well has no gender… Are there any people who find it strange in your profession because you are a “woman”?

Discrimination actually starts at the beginning of applying a job, because most women are eliminated at the CV screening stage because of their gender, regardless of their educational background and work experience. In male-intensive occupations or sectors, depending on the theory that doing a good job has no gender, the biggest problem women experience is binary invisibility. Women are occupationally invisible when they are visible in terms of their gender, and they are invisible in terms of gender when they are professionally visible. In order to make a difference, it is necessary to break the stereotyped taboos. Of course, being accepted takes time and patience. However, everyone who does their job well has a place in business life. When you manage this process correctly, you will never be offended and on the contrary, you will turn into a higher quality team with everyone.