Friday, 24 May 2024
Mini outfits from Tailor Kasım

Mini outfits from Tailor Kasım

Konya-born tailor Kasım Andaç, who had previously sewn 9-millimeter-sized jeans, has now produced an 11-centimeter-sized denim coat that has all the features of the real size.

Tailor İsa Andaç sewed jeans with a length of 7.5 cm in 2006, 5 cm in 2011 and 2.5 cm in 2012. Kasım Andaç, who continues his father’s profession, says that his father stated that “No one can sew anything smaller than this.” In return for his saying, in 2016 he prepared 9-millimeter jeans that were only the size of a fingernail. Andaç, who turned to the production of denim coats after trousers, made the denim coat, which was extremely difficult to craft, after a difficult working process.

“It took three or four days to produce” 

Kasım Andaç stated that “he started his career with his father in 1995, and that they started small-scale production in 2006. I produced jeans in sizes 5 centimetres and 2.5 centimetres after my father’s death.

.“In 2016, I produced a 9-millimeter-long jeans by going below one centimetre. This was the first work to go below 1 centimetre, including the ones my father produced. After this production, I set out saying ‘I can produce this denim jacket’. I tried and made the production. If it is fabricated, it takes about five minutes. When it is custom-made, it takes 2-3 days, including the fitting. The production of the denim jacket took three to four days because it is small and there are more details. The seams need to be seen more clearly and not look crooked. We unscrewed it and sewed it on again. You can sew a normal coat directly. But it’s very difficult to fit it in a small coat.”

The foot of the sewing machine is 3 cm, the denim coat is 11 cm

Andaç stated that “He does his work on a sewing machine, so there is no manual labour. It is very difficult to sew these on the machine. Because while the foot of our machine is 3 centimetres, the trousers we sew are 9 millimetres and the coat is 11 centimetres. How we turned those trousers on that machine is the important point. It is very easy to make the big ones, but it is very difficult to make the small ones. It is quite difficult to turn the machine and hold the seam in small works. Even the smallest mistake will be noticed. A denim coat is a one-to-one scaled-down version of the larger one. When you look carefully, you can see that the details of the fine work parts such as the sleeves and collar are separate. A denim coat is a little more difficult than jeans. “Buttons, collar, pockets and sleeves are each a separate detail. You can sew straight on jeans, but details on a denim coat challenge you.”