Friday, 01 December 2023
A legendary taste; Konya Tandoori Pie

A legendary taste; Konya Tandoori Pie

In nearly all of the old Konya houses, there were tandooris. At least once a week, bread was baked in these tandooris in order to meet the needs. 

When people fired tandooris, besides bread, different meals were also cooked. Especially “tandoori pie” (a special kind of pastry with various ingredients) baked to eat freshly. The ingredients were usually cheese and meat inside and butter on top. 

This taste has been missed by people who are fond of eating delicious food. Nowadays, although there have been tandooris in the gardens of detached houses, the places which bake tandoori pie have almost vanished. Some entrepreneurs try to continue this forgotten tradition in the tandooris they have built up. 

The bakeries produce daily tandoori bread and the people who don’t like the standard bread come to these bakeries to buy this traditional bread. When they come to buy bread, they taste the tandoori pies which they have missed a lot.

Muhammet Artık, with his wife and children, in the Dere neighborhood of Konya, bakes and sells this legendary taste in his house. 

While stating that the demand for his bread and pies is very high, Artık says “This is a very delicious taste, but at the same time it is hard to bake the taste of Konya. We both bring the people in Konya and the visitors to Konya together with this taste and make a contribution to our family budget.”