Saturday, 02 December 2023
Europe to Get Acquainted with Turkish Barbecue Culture from Konya

Europe to Get Acquainted with Turkish Barbecue Culture from Konya

In Konya, the Karatay Karaaslan Picnic Garden, established by the Karatay Municipality and providing service to Konya with its 97,500 square meter area, has caught the attention of the German television channel Galileo TV.


The television channel host, who came to Turkey to explore the culture of barbecue (mangal), chose the Karatay Picnic Garden for filming.


TV host Lukasz Kurek, who expressed that Turks are very skilled in barbecue, stated, “Creating such special areas just for barbecue and picnics, placing special emphasis on their safety and cleanliness, is very impressive.”


When it comes to 'Turkish Cuisine' in the world, the first flavor that undoubtedly comes to mind is kebab. While its recipe, ingredients, or cooking methods may vary from city to city, kebabs and barbecues have been prepared with great delight on Anatolian lands for centuries. This culture continues to be a subject of immense curiosity and interest all around the world.


The German television channel named Galileo, broadcasting in Germany, also came to Turkey to present the country's barbecue culture to its viewers and conducted filming in Konya. Lukasz Kurek, the host of the mentioned television channel, chose the Karatay Municipality Karaaslan Picnic Garden, established by the Karatay Municipality, as the filming location.


Lukasz Kurek, capturing detailed shots of the Karatay Picnic Garden's 454 private picnic sections, each measuring 100 square meters, as well as social amenities like fitness areas, children's play zones, and a mosque, also interacted with the locals of Konya who show great interest in this place, especially on weekends.


Furthermore, Kurek conducted interviews and filming sessions with the security, landscaping, and cleaning staff responsible for the Karatay Municipality Picnic Garden, ensuring that the citizens can enjoy their weekends comfortably and seamlessly.


Receiving information from the staff about the services provided at the Karatay Karaaslan Picnic Garden and the efforts undertaken to ensure the seamless continuation of these services, Lukasz Kurek, the German television program host, expressed his admiration for this place.


Lukasz Kurek, sharing his impressions from three days of filming, said the following: “I am aware that Turks are quite skilled and influential in the realm of barbecue around the world. I am here to showcase Turkey's barbecue culture to the world and provide our viewers with some tips on the subject. Through my filming, I also wanted to compare the barbecue cultures of Europe and Turkey. That's why I'm in Konya, and I'm taking my experiences here back to Germany. During my research for a filming location, I came across the Karatay Karaaslan Picnic Garden and chose it. It's incredibly impressive. It's intriguing to see that Turks have created dedicated spaces just for picnics and barbecues. Specially designated areas have been set up for people who choose this place for barbecue. The emphasis on safety and cleanliness here ensures that visitors can spend their time comfortably. I am excited to share my filming, the program, and the atmosphere here with the audience. I also want to express my gratitude to all the municipal authorities who have been attentive to me during this time.”