Saturday, 02 December 2023
Konya Preserves Cultural Values with Molasses Boiling Event

Konya Preserves Cultural Values with Molasses Boiling Event

The event of boiling molasses, which took place for the second time this year in Meram Vineyards, was filled with colorful scenes.



The event, which aimed to preserve and promote the ancient Meram culture, received significant attention from both officials and the public. Participants not only toured Meram Vineyards but also indulged in molasses foam and bulgur on the other side.



The guests who attended the event participated in grape harvesting at Meram Vineyards, which contributes significantly to the district's green landscape, historical significance, social life, and tourism. Later on, Mayor Kavuş, who took his place at the cauldrons, served the guests with freshly boiled molasses.




Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Nadir Alparslan, who began his speech by expressing his happiness to be in Konya and Meram on this beautiful September evening, acknowledged the meaningful event planned by Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş to preserve a beautiful tradition and ensure people do not lose connection with it. Deputy Minister Alparslan, who shared that he relived his childhood and a part of our culture through this event, said, "I thank those who organized this beautiful event. To benefit more people, we need to increase the number of such events. As the ministry, we support activities that preserve and promote our culture, and we will continue to support them in the future."



The event, which featured the participation of Gastronomy Expert, author, and TV Presenter Chef Adnan Şahin, as well as the well-known figure in the tourism sector, Dr. Cem Kınay, concluded with the serving of freshly boiled molasses to the guests and the taking of commemorative photos in the vineyard.