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Traditional Tarhana Making Continues in Konya as Summer Arrives

Traditional Tarhana Making Continues in Konya as Summer Arrives

The production of local tarhana in the Beyşehir district of Konya continues with the onset of summer.


The traditional process of making local "tarhana" soup mix continues as the summer season arrives in the Beyşehir district of Konya.


In the Beyşehir district of Konya, as the summer season arrives, the local tradition of making "tarhana," a dried soup mix, has begun, and the production effort is ongoing. Homemade by local women using a collaborative method, these tarhana mixes are being sent to various cities within the country and some European countries due to increasing demand, especially from expatriates in recent years.


With the arrival of the summer months in the Beyşehir district, the frenzy of making "tarhana" has taken over the housewives. Amidst the gastronomic diversity of the region, the local delicacy's preparation, known as "chips," continues in recent times.


The tarhana produced through the collaborative effort of housewives has been in demand both domestically and internationally in recent years. Tarhana specific to the Beyşehir region is also being sent to certain European countries where expatriates reside.


Şerife Kalkır, a resident of the Içerişehir Neighborhood, mentioned that the tradition of making tarhana, a staple food for winter meals, dates back centuries with the onset of the summer season in the Beyşehir region. Kalkır explained that they were introduced to tarhana during their childhood through their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. "I am 60 years old. Like many families living in the district, we still uphold this tradition. We make tarhana for ourselves and also for those who want it. Tarhana is an essential part of Beyşehir," she said.


Şerife Kalkır also mentioned that many young people in the district are not well-versed in the labor-intensive process of making tarhana and therefore lack interest in its production. She expressed concern that this tradition might gradually fade away in the region over time. "Some of the younger generations might help their elders with the process, but they either don't know how to make it or aren't interested anymore. It's crucial to pass down and sustain this tradition for future generations. That's why we believe there needs to be awareness and effort in this regard," Kalkır stated.


Tour guide Tuğba Bağcı, who assists the women in the neighborhood with the collaborative tarhana-making process, also emphasized that tarhana from the Beyşehir region holds a significant place among the gastronomic values of both Konya and the Beyşehir district.


Bağcı explained that as a tourist guide, when visitors come to Beyşehir and show interest in the product they see drying on fences, they introduce them to tarhana and explain its preparation process. "We also make an effort to convey the local culture, palate pleasures, and gastronomic value to those who may not be familiar with them," Bağcı said.