Thursday, 07 December 2023
Two more Konya Delicacies Receive Geographical Indication

Two more Konya Delicacies Receive Geographical Indication

In Konya, delicacies that have crossed borders are being awarded geographical indication certificates one by one. Two new links have been added to Konya's chain of registered delicacies.



While the registration process for products that are identified with the region, area, region or country where they originate in terms of their distinctive characteristics, reputation or other features, also known as "Geographical indication", is underway, Konya has registered two new delicacies.



Konya has so far registered 69 types of delicacies, from “etliekmek” to wedding rice, from cherries to strawberries, from “ekmek salması” to “fırın kebabı”, from “güneyik salad” to “sütlü seleme”, from “tandır ekmek” and “börek” to “şalgam galası”, from “çöpleme” to “çullama”, for "geographical indication", which is the subject of food, agriculture, minerals, handicrafts, and industrial products. Now, Konya has registered the mouth-watering delicacies of Kadınhanı.



Kadınhanı Mayor Mehmet Badem announced that the “Kadınhanı Kömbesi”, which is a unique product of the district and is known for its name and taste, has also received geographical indication registration, in addition to the tahini pita, which is one of the indispensable tastes of the district and has a reputation that has reached all of Turkey.