Friday, 24 May 2024
Selçuklu Tekno-Sel Robot Competition Has Started

Selçuklu Tekno-Sel Robot Competition Has Started

The technology and robotics competition TEKNO-SEL, organized in partnership between Selçuklu Municipality and Selçuklu District National Education Directorate, began with great interest.

Until April 18th at the Selçuklu Congress Center, 775 students from 96 schools are fiercely competing with 394 robots and projects to win prizes.

In the event organized to bring Turkey closer to its technological independence goals in the Turkey Century, students developing projects in the field of robotics technology are turning their knowledge into skills.

On the first day of the event, students participating in TEKNO-SEL enjoyed fun experiments, skill-building workshops, and various games while getting acquainted with technology.

Furthermore, experts in the technology sector conducted discussions on technology trends, career opportunities, and inspiring success stories during the event.