Friday, 24 May 2024
Caravan Festival to Be Held in Konya

Caravan Festival to Be Held in Konya

With the arrival of the summer, activities have gained momentum in Konya. In this context, a grand festival will be organized in Beyşehir in a 3-kilometer caravan area.

With the arrival of the summer months in Konya, events are picking up pace.

In this context, the Caravan Festival will be organized in Beyşehir, one of the popular districts of the city.

Beyşehir Mayor Adil Bayındır announced the good news of the Caravan Festival.

Mayor Bayındır stated, "We've made significant progress at Karaburun Beach. We've created space towards the ends of the 3-kilometer beach for caravans to visit. This year, we also plan to hold a caravan festival in this area. Our goal is to attract the attention of the World Caravaners Union here. We attach great importance to both caravan tourism and the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists to Beyşehir. In this regard, we will continue to undertake new initiatives."