Friday, 08 December 2023
Konya: An International Tourism Destination with the Japanese-Inspired Kyoto Park

Konya: An International Tourism Destination with the Japanese-Inspired Kyoto Park

Konya Japon Park is a park located in the province of Konya. It is located in the district of Yüreğir and reflects Japanese architecture and culture. The park was opened on August 27, 2010. The Japanese Kyoto Park, built on an area of 36 thousand square meters, was made to contribute to Konya tourism and to develop the relations between Japan's Kyoto city and Konya. Within the framework of the "Sister City" protocol signed between the Kyoto Municipality of Japan and the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the Konya Monument was opened in front of the Kyoto Municipality building, and the Japanese Park was opened in Konya. The park features Japanese buildings, decorative pools, Japanese gardens, scenic walking paths and various outdoor activities. These activities include shows introducing Japanese culture, Japanese music concerts, and workshops on making Japanese food.

The Japanese Kyoto Park, built in accordance with Japanese architecture and culture and costing 1 million 550 thousand TL, has a four thousand square meter artificial lake, a Japanese garden, camels, viewing terraces, stone and wooden bridges, stone lanterns, small islands, three entrance gates in accordance with Japanese architecture, natural hills, bamboo water games, a dry garden, Japanese trees and plants, a tea house, and a security building.

The park, completed within a year and put into service, has the distinction of being the largest Japanese garden in Turkey. The cafeteria, with a seating area of 500 square meters, serves breakfast throughout the day as well as examples of Japanese cuisine to guests.

Konya Japon Park is also an important place for tourists in Konya. Tourists visit the park to try to better understand Japanese culture. The Japanese buildings and gardens in the park are also popular places for tourists to take photos. Konya Japon Park is frequently visited by both the people of Konya and tourists. The park's beautiful scenery and atmosphere are attractive to tourists in every season of the year.