Friday, 01 December 2023
An enriching value for the city; Ramada Plaza

An enriching value for the city; Ramada Plaza

With developing technology, transportation is getting easier and the need for travelling is getting higher. These requirements make more demands for accommodation, different places to stay and investing in different accommodation places by companies. The story of Ramada Plaza Konya has also formed in this way. We have spoken to Yavuz Sakman, the general manager of Ramada Plaza Konya..

Ramada Plaza Konya started its service for guests and to host its visitors in August 2016, in Konya, the ancient capital of Seljuks. It has a triangle-design concept and reflects the global brand to the city. It brings a modern atmosphere to the city and it has an assertive and qualified business accommodation capacity for all demands. In the hotel, there are 250 rooms equipped with cosy and qualified textile products, a car park for 300 cars, a Convention Centre, 6 meeting rooms. The hotel has the capacity to meet various demands of the city. There are also 2 restaurants for 250 people, a private dining room for 50 people. The visitors are welcomed at the lobby with classic home-made drinks and food while they are having a rest away from the stress and tiredness of the day. They can also have an enjoyable time with the unique view in a world-concept restaurant, Saja.   

Ramada Plaza Konya is sensitive to its guests and their needs and expectations. In this context, they serve for their guests beyond their expectations from the moment of entrance.   

Ramada Plaza Konya hosts ministers and top officials for meetings, visitors for congresses, seminars and meetings from abroad or domestic, artists for presentations that appeal all fields.  

 At the same time, the hotel gives the same importance and sensitivity to the sportspeople and sports. Since its opening, it has been going on hosting all sport club members come to the city (Spor Toto Super League). Their biggest motivations are making a positive contribution to the city and adding a value to the visionary works in the region. Although the pandemic still remains on the agenda, the facility has deserved a “secure” tourism certificate.