Monday, 26 February 2024
Elevators produced in Konya are exported to 67 countries

Elevators produced in Konya are exported to 67 countries

A company operating in the production of elevators in Konya exports 7 million dollars annually to 67 countries. 

Ahmet Madenci, one of the owners of the company in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone, said that despite the production difficulties, they managed to increase both employment and production in their factories. Madenci stated “We established our company 23 years ago and started their journey in a modern machine park in a closed area of 17 thousand square meters. We are one of the leading companies in Turkey at the moment. We export 35 percent of our production to 67 countries. Our export volume is around 7 million dollars annually and this number increases steadily. As our brand is known, we are growing in the market and our exports are increasing rapidly. We mainly export to European, Asian, African and Latin American countries and 170 employees are currently working in our factory.


Madenci uttered that “They produce all the products in European and international standards that they sent 81 cities in Turkey. In terms of production in this sector, Turkey is the second in the world after China. China is our biggest competitor in the world markets. In terms of both price and quality, we can still give a better price than them in the market. As a sector, we have something we want from the state, which is to bring a standard and control mechanism to undocumented companies working under the counter in this field.