Saturday, 02 December 2023
From Konya to the World

From Konya to the World

Konya Shoemakers Chamber's Muhammet Acar said, "Recently, China has lost its popularity in the footwear industry. Now, we are exporting shoes to 70 countries in Europe. Therefore, Konya's signature can be found in many well-known companies."


Muhammet Acar, the President of the Konya Shoemakers Chamber, made exclusive statements regarding the export volume and various aspects of the footwear industry in Konya. President Acar emphasized that Turkey has reached an important point in the shoe sector and highlighted that the Konya footwear industry makes the greatest contribution to production and employment.


President Acar, who complained about the biggest deficiency of manufacturers being the lack of branding, stated, "We export shoes to Europe, the Middle East, Arab countries, the fashion hub Italy, and 70 countries in Europe, including Germany and the United Kingdom. We send 40% of these countries' shoes. Therefore, Konya's signature can be found in many well-known companies. As Konya manufacturers, our biggest shortcoming is the inability to establish a brand. But we are also striving to brand ourselves."


Acar stated that they have produced a film showcasing the quality and production diversity of shoes manufactured in Konya, and they have sent it to countries worldwide. He said, "We have created a film that highlights the Shoemaking Industry and Konya. We have sent this film to the Ministry of Trade and the General Directorate of Export. The film has been shared with footwear industry groups around the world. It has made a significant contribution to promoting Konya."