Monday, 26 February 2024
Garbage in Konya Transformed into Electric Energy

Garbage in Konya Transformed into Electric Energy

78.294.638 kilowatts of electricity were produced from 3 methane gas electrical energy power plants, which are among the environmentalist investments of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. The amount of electricity produced from the power plants so far was 456.330.518 kilowatts.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality converts the garbage found in the Aslım Solid Waste Site, Konya Integrated Waste Disposal and Energy Production Facility and Akşehir Solid Waste Regular Landfill Site, which have been rehabilitated and closed to garbage collection. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said that they pay great attention to the use of renewable energy sources and the protection of the environment. 

Stating that one of the most important responsibilities as municipalities is to protect the environment, Mayor Altay stated that "We carry out studies and implement our projects to both protect our environment and contribute to the city's economy. With the support of the European Union and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, we have implemented 'Solid Waste Management Project' which is one of Turkey's largest environmental investments in Konya on 1.720 thousand m2.”


Stating that there are 3 methane energy power plants; Methane gases, which are formed in the solid waste mass and have a global warming potential that is 21 times higher than carbon dioxide, are collected from the gas collection channels opened in the field with a horizontal and vertical piping system and converted into electrical energy by burning in gas engines. Thus, both greenhouse gas reduction and energy production are provided. We produced 78 million 294 thousand 638 kilowatts of electricity in our power plants in 2020. 456 million 330 thousand 518 kilowatts of electricity have been produced so far in our 3 power plants established in Aslım in 2011 and in Kaşınhanı and Akşehir in 2018.