Saturday, 02 December 2023
Harvest has begun in Karatay Lavender Gardens

Harvest has begun in Karatay Lavender Gardens

The third harvesting has begun in the Karatay Lavender Garden, which was created by the Karatay Municipality in 2019 by planting more than 90 thousand seedlings on an area of 90 thousand square meters in Karaaslan Üzümcü Neighboorhood.

Hasan Kılca, “The Lavender Garden Provides Added Value To Our City”
Hasan Kılca, the Mayor of Karatay, stated that they take pride in hosting tens of thousands of citizens in the lavender garden since they opened their doors in July and said: “We attach importance to this project in terms of providing added value to our district as well as encouraging this special looking and fragrant plant to agricultural production in Konya.”
The third harvesting has begun in the Karatay Lavender Garden, which was created on an area of 90 thousand square meters by Karatay Municipality in Karaaslan Üzümcü Neighbourhood. Harvesting works by the teams of Karatay Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate are carried out with a harvesting machine.

Karatay Lavender Garden, which has been visited by tens of thousands of people from Konya since July 1, when the doors were opened to citizens, has become a natural studio for those who want to take pictures. In the garden, which has been a frequent destination for professional and amateur photographers as well as citizens, photographers using lavenders in different shades of violet and purple as background colour captured the most beautiful shots in company with decorations created with special objects.
Hasan Kılca, the Mayor of Karatay, reminded that they planted lavender with great enthusiasm in 2019, which makes the places a center of attraction in tourism with their beauties, and which provides significant added value to the producers in economic terms due to their production, and said that they are also happy to have the third harvesting today.
Hasan Kılca, the Mayor of Karatay, stated that the interest in Karatay Lavender Gardens is increasing day by day; and mentioned that they turned the area covered with a pile of debris into an eye-brightening beauty two years ago. Mayor Hasan Kılca also said that their biggest goal is to contribute to urban tourism.

Hasan Kılca said, “We entertained tens of thousands of guests this year at the Karatay Lavender Garden. It was very crowded, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Our brides and grooms came and shot after the wedding ceremony.  With the materials we placed in the garden, we created admirable areas to take photos. We also received very positive feedback from our photographers who came to the garden. As Karatay Municipality, it was invaluable for us to decorate the happy moments of our fellow citizens with the Lavender Garden.”


Kılca, who reminded that lavender, which is the medicinal and aromatic plant with high added value, is drought-tolerant and suitable for barren lands, stated that they also aim to offer an alternative and useful product to farmers, and concluded his words as follows: “We had the opportunity to offer ice cream and soda pop made from lavender to all the guests who came to visit the garden. These products were loved by the citizens.  We served the district with tourism on the one hand and added an economic value to Konya on the other hand with the Lavender Garden. Some of the Lavenders, which we are currently harvesting, shall be used in the oil sector and some in the floristry sector. We are also working on alternative products. We will continue to support the brand and added value of Karatay and Konya.”