Saturday, 02 December 2023
Konya is in the top 10!

Konya is in the top 10!

According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the cities that contributed the most to exports have been determined. Konya has secured a place for itself among the top-ranking cities.


During the first half of the year, Istanbul had the highest exports with 47.5 billion dollars, while Konya ranked 10th on the list with 1.6 billion dollars.


Exports conducted on a provincial basis during the January-June period decreased by 5.44% to reach 107 billion 801 million dollars.


During the first half, Istanbul had the highest exports with 47 billion 474 million dollars, and the megacity accounted for a 44% share of the exports conducted on a provincial basis.


Following Istanbul, Kocaeli ranked second with 9 billion dollars, Bursa with 8.1 billion dollars, Izmir with 7.1 billion dollars, Ankara with 5.7 billion dollars, and Gaziantep with 4.6 billion dollars. The other cities in the top 10 were Sakarya with 2.8 billion dollars, Manisa with 2.6 billion dollars, Denizli with 2.1 billion dollars, and Konya with 1.6 billion dollars.