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Konya Placed the First in Agricultural Revenue

Konya Placed the First in Agricultural Revenue

According to the calculations made at the provincial level, the highest share of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 was Istanbul with 1,327,452 million lira (30.7 percent), followed by Ankara and Izmir.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) announced the “Provincial Gross Domestic Product data" for 2019.

Accordingly, in 2019, Istanbul reached the highest GDP with 1 trillion 327 billion 452 million liras and took a 30.7 percent share from the total revenue. It was followed by Ankara with 395 billion 731 million TL and 9.2 percent share, and İzmir with 263 billion 38 million TL and 6.1 percent share. The top five cities with the highest share of GDP accounted for 53.7 percent of total revenue in 2019. At the provincial level, Tunceli with 4 billion 134 million liras, Ardahan with 3 billion 399 million liras and Bayburt with 2 billion 840 million liras took place in the last three places in the GDP accounts.

Per capita national income of 14 cities is above average

In the said period, Istanbul ranked first in GDP per capita with 86.798 liras. It was followed by Kocaeli with 81.228 liras and Ankara with 71.027 liras. In the GDP per capita calculations at the provincial level, Van with 18.708 liras, Sanliurfa with 17.465 liras and Ağrı with 16.727 liras took the last three places. In 14 cities, GDP per capita for 2019 was held over the average of Turkey. When the activities that make up the GDP are examined, Istanbul, which received the highest share of GDP at current prices in 2019, ranked first in all activities, excluding the agricultural sector and other service activities.

Konya ranks first in agriculture, forestry and fisheries

The share of Istanbul in the total information and communication activities is 65.4 percent, 58.2 percent from the total of financial and insurance activities, 46.5 percent from the total of professional, administrative and support service activities, 40.5 percent from the total of the services sector, and its share from the total construction industry was 35.6 percent.

Konya ranked first among 81 cities in agriculture, forestry and fishing sector with a share of 6.1%, while Ankara was at the top in other service activities with a share of 29.2%.

While Istanbul received 40.5 percent of the total services sector in 2019, the share of the services sector in the total GDP of the city was 32.1 percent. Within the total GDP of Istanbul, the industrial sector ranked second with a share of 17.1 percent, while professional, administrative and support service activities ranked third with 8 percent.

Annual GDP, chained volume index increased by 0.9 % compared to the previous year, in 2019, was increased over the average of 48 cities in Turkey. The top three cities that showed the highest increase in 2019 compared to the previous year were Siirt with 12.8 %, Giresun with 10.6 % and Artvin with 9.8 %, respectively. The three cities that showed the highest decrease compared to the previous year were Zonguldak with 8.9 % change rate, Kırıkkale

with 10.4 % and Karabük with 12.5 %, respectively.

Ankara contributed the most to the chained volume index with 0.9 % increase in annual GDP compared to the previous year with 0.43 %. It was followed by Istanbul with 0.4 % and Antalya with 0.14 %. The provinces that contributed negatively to the annual GDP growth in 2019 were Kocaeli with 0.23 %, İzmir with 0.11 %, Bursa and Hatay with 0.08 %.