Monday, 26 February 2024
Konya's Largest Investment in History

Konya's Largest Investment in History

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur Ibrahim Altay announced that they will be starting the construction of another one of Konya's most important investments.

Mayor Altay stated in his statement regarding the matter that they have initiated the process by signing a cooperation protocol for the transfer of the land of the 56th Maintenance Factory Directorate to Konya Metropolitan Municipality in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense.

Altay expressed, "In the 100th year of our Republic, we are excited and happy to bring the highest-budget investment in the history of Konya Metropolitan Municipality to our city. The 650,000 square meters of the 56th Maintenance Factory Directorate located in the Ateşbaz Veli neighborhood will be used as a recreation area. We will relocate the facility here to its new location in Selçuklu Aşağı Pınarbaşı neighborhood. We will lay the foundation for the Heavy Maintenance Urban Transformation and the 56th Maintenance Factory Directorate, which has a cost exceeding 2 billion Turkish liras, on Monday at 11:00. I wish the project, which will be a great gain for our city, the best from now on."

The 56th Maintenance Factory Directorate, with a total construction area of 140,000 square meters, will include 6 warehouses, a gatehouse building, a building for weapons of war, a helicopter runway, a weapon workshop, a direct intervention building, and an additional administrative building. In open area constructions, there will be 3 basketball courts, 2 service support complexes, a football field, and a running track.