Saturday, 20 July 2024
Chinese Academics Visited Konya

Chinese Academics Visited Konya

Turkish and Chinese academics organized a technical trip to the Karapınar district of Konya.

As part of the trip, the erosion area, Europe's largest solar power plant, and Acıgöl and Meke Lakes were visited.

The first stop of the trip was the Karapınar Desertification and Erosion Research Center. Şeyma Atabey, the Responsible of the Karapınar Desertification and Erosion Research Center, provided information about agricultural activities conducted in Karapınar from past to present, projects implemented in the field, and efforts against erosion.

Later, Europe's largest Solar Power Plant (SPP), established by Kalyon Enerji in Karapınar, was visited.

After visiting the Karapınar Solar Power Plant, Meke Lake and Acıgöl, two of Karapınar's most important natural beauties, were visited.

Prof. Dr. Wenzhi Zhao, who expressed his admiration for Acıgöl, said, "We had the opportunity to see various beautiful natural sites in Karapınar. Acıgöl, with its deep blue waters, is truly captivating. The fact that its salty water is beneficial for human health is also very interesting. Swimming in the lake is very valuable for people. Meke Lake also impressed me a lot. It is a very interesting lake in terms of its formation. However, it is sad that the lake is drying up. Karapınar is a very interesting place geographically."