Saturday, 20 July 2024
Interior Minister Visits Konya

Interior Minister Visits Konya

The Minister of the Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, met with party members during the AK Party Konya Provincial Presidency's holiday celebration program.

Speaking at the program held at the provincial headquarters, Yerlikaya said, "Under the leadership of our President, all of our colleagues in the cabinet and I have an ideal. As a government, we have goals. But for a great and strong Turkey, in our 81 fraternal provinces and 30 metropolitan cities, Konya, as a child of Konya, has been progressing continuously in municipal services without a break since the first day our party was founded. With the leadership of our governor and the strong support and consultation of our deputies in central services, thank God, Konya is advancing much further every day, every month, and every year. And, with God's permission, it will continue to do so. We are achieving this together and will continue to succeed, but we need to work very hard," he said.

Minister Yerlikaya stated, "From the past to the present and into the future, Konya's municipal governance is an example. We have a legacy of a municipality that respects rights and laws, values consultation, and operates heart-to-heart, fitting the city's needs. With our mayor Uğur İbrahim and the district heads here, we are fully confident and determined that, with God's permission, we will take this service even further. That's why, with God's permission, the presidency of the World Union of Municipalities is entrusted to our Konya," he said.

The program was attended by the AK Party Konya Provincial President Hasan Angı, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, deputies, mayors, and party members.