Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Fingerprint Analysis Shaping the Future in Konya

Fingerprint Analysis Shaping the Future in Konya

A project developed in Konya, which won 3rd place at TEKNOFEST, allows the detection of individuals' innate abilities through fingerprint analysis.



In Konya, Murat Sezer and his team secured 3rd place among 123,001 teams in the TEKNOFEST Education Technologies Competition, whose finals took place in Istanbul. Additionally, their project, which also won the 1st prize for presentation, enables the identification of individuals' innate and predisposed abilities through fingerprint analysis. The goal of this project is to guide children towards fields where they can excel in their future professions and lives.



Murat Sezer, explaining that they have developed an artificial intelligence-supported algorithm, stated, "We can determine the innate abilities of children or adults by examining their fingerprints. What motivated us to do this was the aim to improve the country's success in education. Just as our bodies have anatomy, structure, blood values, features, and colors, we thought that fingerprints might also hold clues to abilities, so we started researching. We conducted research from 2015 to 2017 and started our project in 2017. We have been continuing our project and research for about 7 years now. In the last 2 periods, we have achieved success at TEKNOFEST as well. We secured 1st place in the presentation category and ranked 3rd among 123,001 participants in the project. Currently, our research papers are also being published internationally."



Murat Sezer mentioned that the project has been tested on approximately 3,000 individuals and achieved a success rate ranging from 84% to 94%.