Thursday, 23 May 2024
Konya Capsule Technology Platform

Konya Capsule Technology Platform

The Capsule Technology Platform is a technology platform established by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality with the goals of contributing to the National Technology Initiative, providing support to technology-focused competition teams, and making Konya one of the top technology cities.

The Capsule Technology Platform, established by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality in 2021 with the aim of contributing to the National Technology Initiative, provides students with the opportunity to develop projects and thus makes a significant contribution to the technological development of Konya.

The Capsule Technology Platform has 38 competition teams and 8 master teams. Master teams prepare reports on smart city applications and development projects.

The Capsule Technology Platform, established within the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, contributes to the development of students. Job opportunities are also provided to students who receive education in the Capsule Technology Platform.

Muzaffer Çetinkaya, the Academic Coordinator of the Capsule Technology Platform, emphasized that they refer to the platform as the city's technology center. He stated, "We follow the technology agendas and trends in the city, and organize educational programs and competitions related to them. At the same time, we provide material support, workshop opportunities, and working areas for national and international university students' national and international projects. We are an organization of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality that has four laboratories, each with different activities. If a student comes here with a project, it is generally a TEKNOFEST project. We assist them in working on their project by offering mentorship, material support, and working areas. If a student has a deficiency related to their project, we try to complete it by providing training or support from the experts here."

According to Muzaffer Çetinkaya, the Academic Coordinator of Capsule Technology Platform, the students are very pleased to spend time at the platform. He stated that the training programs offered by the Capsule Academy and other units provide great advantages to the students. The teams participating in the TEKNOFEST competition already have specific agendas, and the students who come to the platform are all very satisfied and love Capsule. They enjoy spending time here and learning from the team, as well as asking questions. Capsule Technology Platform provides voluntary or part-time job opportunities to those who have joined the Capsule family in any way, and they can work here as they wish.