Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Konya to Istanbul 35 Minutes

Konya to Istanbul 35 Minutes

With the Hyperloop technology developed at Selcuk University, the distance between Konya and Istanbul can be reduced to 35 minutes.

Selcuk University (SU) students want to achieve a degree in international competitions with the vehicle they produce, called "SU Capsule Hyperloop", which has high-end off-rail rapid transportation vehicle technology.

16 students studying at SU electrical, electronics, mechatronics and mechanical engineering departments formed the "SU Capsule Hyperloop" team a year ago. These students designed the prototype of hyperloop, the project of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, which is described as the "super-fast transportation system of the future". Students applied the technique of levitation (an object with weight suspended in the air or moving in a certain area without mechanical support) in hyperloop, which accelerates gradually with the help of electric propulsion and advances in a capsule with low air pressure. The "SU Capsule Hyperloop" team, which participated in TEKNOFEST KARADENİZ organized between August 30 and September 4 in Samsun, won the "Performance Award", "Technology Display Award" and "Technical Design Report Award" among the 16 teams at the finals.

High Speed Transportation Technology

SU Technology Faculty Lecturer Enes Yücel, the consultant of the team, said that “they designed one of the first vehicles in Turkey that accelerated with magnetic levitation inside the tunnel.” Yücel stated that “Hyperloop technology provides the opportunity to reach high speed as it eliminates friction. The hyperloop vehicle we have designed rises from the ground with the effect of magnetic force on the aluminum rail, and this rise creates an air cushion effect, allowing an airless environment to be created inside the tunnel, allowing it to move forward without any friction. We have created the vehicle with a year of work. We also achieved a good grade in the competition. We crowned our work with the first place we won at TEKNOFEST in Samsun, with performance, technology demonstration and technical design report award.”