Thursday, 07 December 2023
Over 25,000 visitors expected at Konya Energy Fair

Over 25,000 visitors expected at Konya Energy Fair

The Energy Summit and Fair, which is being held for the third time this year in Konya, has started.

Selçuk Oztürk, the President of the Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO), highlighted the contribution of fairs to the country's economy during the opening ceremony at the KTO-TÜYAP International Fair Center.

Oztürk emphasized that the 3rd Konya Energy Summit and Fair have drawn attention to the number of visitors and participating companies. He said, "I saw something even better than what I expected. I witnessed beautiful work and organization. This will continue in the future. In a few years, we will start hosting the most important energy fair in Turkey here. This will contribute to the city's economy and determine the centralization of the sector."

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company organizing the fair, Tayfun Oztürk, also stated that they are expecting over 25,000 local and foreign visitors to the fair.

Oztürk stated that the fair is growing every year in terms of the number of participants and visitors, and he mentioned that a total of 112 companies, 12 of which are from abroad, are participating in the fair.

After the speeches, the fair was officially opened. The fair will include expert presentations on topics such as solar energy, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, digital transformation in energy, and storage technologies, and bilateral meetings will be held.

The fair will be open to visitors from 09:00 to 18:00 between April 27th and 29th.