Thursday, 07 December 2023
The flight tests of the 5-engine “gökHAN” produced in Konya are done

The flight tests of the 5-engine “gökHAN” produced in Konya are done

The flight tests of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) named “gökHAN”, produced by the electronics company that also provides engineering services in Konya, have been completed.

Providing services to subcontractors for the defense industry, the company turns its R&D studies on unmanned systems and artificial intelligence technologies into final products. The company’s unmanned aerial vehicle, called “gokHAN”, has 5 electric motors, one of which is the propulsion motor. The vehicle, designed by engineers from 12 parts with an easy-to-install feature, with a wingspan of 3.5 meters, can take off from any area of 25 square meters without the need for a runway. The chairman of the board of directors of the company, Bahattin Düzgün, explained that the company attaches great importance to R&D investments and that they spend time on electronic cards, software and artificial intelligence studies. Düzgün stated that they are working day and night to increase their capabilities for the defense industry.


Düzgün stated that “We have completed the flight tests of “gökHAN”, which they have produced with approximately 1.5 years of work. The main feature of this is that it is modular, easy to assembly and disassembly like Lego. 2 people can easily carry and make it ready for flight in 15 minutes. Thanks to its vertical take-off feature, it does not need a runway. We installed an electric motor to make it run at low noise. It can stay in the air for about 3 hours. Its communication range is 80 kilometers, and its flight range is 140 kilometers. It can be used quickly and effectively wherever desired. It can operate autonomously, after planning its route, it can work on that route.