Friday, 08 December 2023
Family Fun and Adventures at Konya's Largest Park

Family Fun and Adventures at Konya's Largest Park

Konya, known for its famous parks, should also be recognized for its parks among its attractions. The city is rich in terms of parks and recreational areas, with numerous park spaces available. The largest park in the Konya province is Karaaslan Hadimi Park. This area, which attracts tourists, earns everyone's admiration with its special areas and the quality services it offers.


Karaaslan Hadimi Park covers an area of 187,000 square meters. The park features a 1,000-square-meter pond and pool, providing visitors with a sense of tranquility. Its vast space allows for accommodating a large number of visitors comfortably. Additionally, you can also visit Meram Vineyards, which is located nearby, as an alternative option.


The park also includes a 15,000-square-meter fruit orchard. The vegetation and greenery in the area are well-maintained, demonstrating the municipality's commitment to this aspect. It is a fantastic place for those who want to enjoy the greenery and be immersed in a lush environment.



The park provides an excellent environment for walking or jogging. It also offers a stunning view. Those who wish to relax and clear their minds can enjoy the fresh air in this area. Additionally, for those who enjoy barbecue activities, the park provides designated barbecue areas. In Meram, within this park, one can have a delightful picnic experience by enjoying a barbecue.


The equestrian facility is a focal point for both children and adult visitors to the park. The amusement park is a lively area for families with children, ensuring that kids have an enjoyable time without getting bored. Moreover, the park is quite spacious, which allows for a diverse range of play areas for children.


The park features a tennis court where tennis enthusiasts can have a fun time. It also offers exhibition areas and indoor seating areas. Additionally, there is a decorative fountain, a restaurant, and a market within the park, providing various services. In Konya, this beautiful park with its vast space offers visitors plenty of opportunities for various activities. It serves as a park that caters to visitors of all ages.


The park in Meram can be easily reached by private vehicles, but it is also accessible by public transportation. You can take buses such as 124A, 125A, 26A, 79A, and 91A to reach the park.