Thursday, 13 June 2024

"Suğla", The Address of Blue and Red Calmness in Konya

Suğla Lake, which has a basin of 16 thousand hectares in Seydişehir district of Konya, takes on the shades of red and blue in winter. The lake, which is a source of income for 80 fisher families, forms rare islets with the retreat of the waters at this time of the year.

The withdrawal of water in Lake Suğla, which welcomes its guests in all seasons of the year with its natural beauty, 130 kilometers from Konya city center, caused concern.

Many people have been fishing for years in the neighborhoods with a lake shore, which is located in the northwest of the district and spreads over an area of ​​16 thousand hectares. 85 families from 4 neighborhoods who hunt mirror carp, Chinese carp, freshwater mullet, silver, velvet fish and freshwater lobster in the lake, which is home to nearly 20 bird species, earn their living by selling the fish they catch during the hunting season. In the lake, which rose up to 6-7 meters with the rain it received in winter, nowadays the water level has dropped due to the seasonal drought and it has been observed that the water has been withdrawn about 5 meters from the shore. The decrease in the water level in the lake, which is located in the area where agricultural irrigation is carried out, also affected the fishermen negatively. The fishermen who caught an average of 15-20 kilograms of fish per day at this time last year, state that they are now catching nearly 3-5 kilograms of fish. It was observed that round swamps were formed in some parts of the lake as the waters receded. While the fishermen cannot sail in the swampy areas due to the boat engines getting stuck in the moss, they pass through these areas by rowing.