Wednesday, 24 July 2024
A Path breaking Front Loader...!

A Path breaking Front Loader...!

Today the agricultural sector in Konya, where the leading agricultural machine producers of Turkey exist, pulses simultaneously with the world. One of these important producers is Alparslan Tarım.

Alparslan Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trade Inc., which was established in 1969 and is among the well-established industrial enterprises of Konya, continues its activities in Konya’s 1st Organized Industrial Zone in a total area of 25.000 m2, 15.000m2 of which is closed. Alparslan Tarım, which has a machine park that constantly follows technology and has an advanced technology, combined this park with its years of experience and took its power to further levels with new laser cutting, plasma and robot welding investments. The company, which carefully follows the cutting processes of other industrial establishments with the most powerful and the fastest laser cutting machine added to its investments, is constantly improving its production and production quality.

Alparsan Tarım always aims to be better and goes on its research and development activities continuously. Alparslan Tarım produces various agricultural machines such as Tractor Front Loader, Tractor Rear Digger (Backhoe Loader), Pneumatic System Combined Thresher, Helical Combined Threshing Machine, Combine Harvester with Shell Peeler Manufacturing Machine, Stem Conveying System Combined Threshing Machine, Storage Mobile System Single and Double Belt Threshing Machine, Straw Conveyor, Rotary Lawn Mower, Conditioner Lawn Mower, Gearbox Side-delivery Rake, Combined Grain Seed Drill, Pneumatic Grain Drill, Disc Plough and Dough Blunger and offers more and more technological and comprehensive products to its consumers every year. Moreover, Alparslan Tarım, which has been the Central Anatolia Region Dealer of New Holland tractors, combine harvesters and agricultural equipment since 2000, serves fully to the agricultural consumers. Alparslan Tarım, which attaches importance to the aesthetics of its products as well as the internal structure, directs its production in line with the appreciation and criticism from its customers. The company, which has modernized its production and products in this direction, implements quality and management standards without compromising in order to sustain and develop this structure. As a result of this customer-oriented production approach, Today, Alparslan Tarım has a significant share in both domestic and foreign markets. The priority of Alparslan Tarım, which exports to all over the world, especially Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece and France; is customer satisfaction. With the awareness of it, the company tries to fulfil its responsibilities to its customers and society and to maintain its leadership in the sector with its quality products by following technology.   

Memduh Erdiren Çelebi, CEO: “We export to all over the world”

The CEO of Alparslan Tarım, Memduh Erdiren Çelebi stated that they were established in 1969 and they are among the most essential industrial companies of Konya and they continue their activities in Konya’s 4th Organized Industrial Zone in a total area of 50.000 m2, 35.000m2 of which is closed. He also said that “we conduct research and development tasks sensitively. Today we have an important share in both domestic and foreign markets. We export to all over the world, especially Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece and France”.

Front Loader can be Removed and Installed in only 3 Minutes

Informing that they are the first to produce and have patent for front loader , which can be removed and installed in 3 minutes, Çelebi said that they start to produce the product that they had imported from abroad before. He stated that ‘We imported the product from abroad during the years we were a tractor dealer. In Turkey, the front bucket was fixed on the tractor so far. We have made it mobile. We thought that, people can install it only when they need. It is a product that can be installed and removed in a very short time. The product caught the attention of our farmers and other people. Our market share has further expanded with the product. We provide the product about 30 airports. Airports use the product together with the tractor for snow shoveling. The products we made in the early days were processing equipments, plow, disc harrow and goble machine. Afterwards, when we established our first building in the organized industry zone, we increased the product range a little more. When we came as the second generation, we started to produce different products with my brother. The different products we made were tractor front shovels. We produced buckets that can be attached to any type of tractor. We started to produce the balers machine group. We have produced the eight-bale stacker machine, which nobody produced before in Turkey. We are the first to produce the mobile front loader machines in Turkey. 

Attacment Balancing System is Designed as Hydraulic in the Platin Series Front Loader

Attachment balancing system is designed as hydraulic with 6 lifts in platin searies front loader. Erdiren Çelebi stated that ‘Its most distinctive feature is to suspend the load on the front loader and prevent the mechanical structure from being deformed. "The bearings used at all joint points are imported from the world-renowned Italian company CSB and are durable for a long time thanks to their bronze surface that does not wear under very heavy loads. Anti-shock tubes of the Monoblock Control Center, which determines the operation and performance characteristics of the front loader, are imported as Italian Walvoil brand, and movable attachment hydraulic valve is imported as Italian Aron brand. All hydraulic connections on the front loader are easily disassembled and fitted and impermeable by using flat face quickcaplines, which are hydraulic fittings imported from Italian Faster Company. Platinum series front loader is used in New Holland, Case, TÜMOSAN, John Deere, MasseyFergusan, Me Cormick, Landini, Fendt, Erkunt, Lomborghini, Deutz-Fahr, Same, Stery, Class, Vlatra, etc. field type agricultural tractors between 65 and 140 hp bucket series.’

Produced with Different Attachment Design Features

Erdiren Çelebi uttered that, ‘It has been produced with different attachment design features, considering the agricultural tractor-mounted use of factories, construction companies, municipalities and other similar enterprises, especially livestock enterprises. We recommend front loader to many institutions. Thanks to the special connection angle design of the sub-chassis, the ideal distribution of the load on the main body of the tractor has been achieved and the deterioration of the steering angles is prevented by not removing any part of it. Two anti-shock accumulators provide security against jolts and bounces during the loading and transportation period. This system provides comfort and safety to the operator. It prevents unbalance and overloading. It also provides comfortable and smooth operation of the hydraulic system. Shocks and pressures in all parts have been reduced thanks to this system, providing advantage as speed and load increase. The most distinctive feature is that it suspends the load on the front loader and prevents the mechanical structure of the front loader from being deformed.