Saturday, 02 December 2023
Economy of Konya

Economy of Konya

* It is an SME Capital, home to over 50,000 SMEs.

* It is the granary of Turkey.

* It is the first in Turkey in the production of flour, sugar, salt, milk, wheat, barley, and sugar beet. * It is the only city in Turkey where the primary aluminium is mined.

* Its leading developed sectors are machinery manufacturing, automotive sub-industry, basic metal, agricultural equipment and machinery manufacturing, food industry, shoemaking, on-borad equipment.

* It is Turkey's leader in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment. * It dominates 45% of the Turkish market in metal processing.

* It has 70% of the Turkish market in on-board equipment.

* It is the 11th in Turkey with exports exceeding 3 billion dollars in 2021.

* Konya export is more than the total export figure of 37 cities.

* Konya exports to more than 180 countries.

* Konya has more than 2,900 registered exporters.

* The share of manufacturing industry exports in total exports is 95.7%. * Top 5 countries in export: USA, Iraq, Germany, Russia, and Uzbekistan. * The export figure from 2000 to 2021 has grown 35 times.

* It is the 18th in Turkey with an import of 1.25 billion dollars in 2021.

* In 2021, Konya imported from 112 countries.

* The share of Konya manufacturing industry imports in total imports is 77.8%.

* Top 5 countries in imports: China, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Germany, and Taiwan.

* Konya's foreign trade surplus is approximately 1.75 billion dollars. It is the 6th city with the highest foreign trade surplus. The ratio of exports to imports is 241%.

* It gives foreign trade surplus to 20 EU countries, including Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy, as well as the UK and the USA.

* 5 countries with the highest foreign trade surplus: USA, Iraq, Germany, Uzbekistan and Israel.

* The 5 countries with the highest foreign trade deficit are: China, Russian Federation, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

* As of the end of 2021, 577 incentive certificates have been issued in Konya and it ranks 6th in Turkey.

 * The fixed investment amount stated in total within the scope of incentive certificates in 2021 in Konya is approximately 6.7 billion TL, and it ranks 13th in Turkey with this amount. The share of Konya in the specified fixed investment amount in Turkey is 2.4%.

* The number of employment specified within the scope of incentive certificates in 2021 in Konya is 6,595, and with this figure, it ranks 17th in Turkey.