Friday, 24 May 2024
Konya Chamber of Commerce Addresses Artificial Intelligence Impact

Konya Chamber of Commerce Addresses Artificial Intelligence Impact

Konya Chamber of Commerce President Selçuk Oztürk emphasized that with the advancement of artificial intelligence, profound changes will occur in all sectors, stating that Konya needs to elevate its economic potential to a higher level.

The April Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Konya Chamber of Commerce was held. The meeting, held at the KTO Assembly Hall, was opened by Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Omer Faruk Okka.

After the discussion of the agenda items, the Chairman of the Board Selçuk Oztürk came to the rostrum to deliver his speech.

President Oztürk, speaking about the effects of artificial intelligence technology on the business world, emphasized that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change business practices and that quickly adapting to this process will provide businesses with productivity, cost-effectiveness, and competitive advantages.

Oztürk stated, "Konya has made a rapid leap in production and trade in a very short period. However, we know that the current point does not reflect the strength of our city; Konya should be at much higher levels. At the Konya Chamber of Commerce, we have implemented a model that leads and guides companies in employment, exports, efficient, and high-quality production through the ecosystem we have established."

Oztürk said, "Today, we are facing a greater change with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology. In this process, which will fundamentally affect all sectors, our business practices will change completely. The path to achieving productivity, low cost, and competitive advantage in our businesses lies in quickly adapting to this process. We want the Konya Chamber of Commerce Assembly to be a pioneer in this regard and to convey this message to all our members. Konya needs to be a leader in this transformation process to take its economic potential to a higher level."