Friday, 01 December 2023
Konya Will Be a Production and Export Province in 2023

Konya Will Be a Production and Export Province in 2023

KSO President Mustafa Büyükeğen said that 2022 was left behind as a year that forced the business world due to increasing costs and global uncertainties, but Konya business world successfully completed 2022 despite all the difficulties.

The last assembly meeting of 2022 was held at Konya Chamber of Industry. At the December assembly meeting chaired by Deputy Speaker Ali Semiz, Konya Chamber of Industry President Mustafa Büyükeğen made evaluations about 2022. Büyükeğen stated that the Russia-Ukraine war, which continued throughout the year, had devastating effects on the global economy and that the cost increases in almost every field, especially energy, inevitably affected the Konya industry, and underlined that they would continue to work on production and exports.

"Konya is preparing for a new export record" In his speech, Büyükeğen underlined that Konya will close this year with a new export record and said, "

Our Konya industrialists, as in every period, have been trying to maintain our production life, develop our exports, and have pursued new opportunities. The exports of our city increased by 9.6 percent in the first 11 months of this year and reached the level of 2 billion 970 million dollars. Hopefully, with the announcement of the December figures, we will have broken a new record in exports. The number of our exporter companies has reached 3 thousand 313. When we look at our industrial sites located in Konya Organized Industrial Zone and in various areas of our city; Thankfully, we are pleased to see that despite all the difficulties, our city maintains its appetite for investment and production. We believe that we will overcome all the difficulties in the economy with production. There will always be difficulties, but we will insist on production, we will insist on exports. We will continue to increase our resilience and develop our businesses."

After his speech, Büyükeğen informed the council members about the monthly activities of the chamber.