Saturday, 02 December 2023
New management, new goals in Bera Holding

New management, new goals in Bera Holding

The new management of the Bera Holding has been elected. Erol Kaya, who was a senior official in the Holding before, has been chosen as the CEO of the new management.
The New Management of Bera Holding consists of Erol Kaya, the chairman of the board, Mustafa Ulvi Bezirci,the  vice chairman of the management board and the representative of Kompen PVC Building and Construction Materials Inc., Osman Elvan, the representative of Komyapı Construction Inc. as cosignatories. The members of the management have been Haşim Şahin, the former chairman and the representative of Divapan Integrated Tree Panel Industry and Trade Inc. and İsmet Gergerli, the representative of Konya Paper Industry and Trade Inc.  Abdulkadir Buluş, Cihat Kıvrak, Ömer Serdar have been selected as independent board members for the first time.
We Aim to Increase the Level of Service
Erol Kaya, the new CEO, thanked to the all investors and partners, who registered the trust to the lists, in the general meeting on 17th June. He stated that “28.833.893 shares were presented acting as principal and 84.593.129 shares were presented acting as representative from a record total share of 113.427.022. The total share of the company is 341.600.000. As a result of the voting the legal list includes my friends and me got 84.798.727 affirmative votes. We would like to give our appreciation to all our shareholders, investors and partners. With my friend in the management team, we aim to increase the level of service as I did before for more than 24 years in different positions”.