Sunday, 19 May 2024
It is Konyaspor's turn

It is Konyaspor's turn

Tolga Durmaz

Sports Editor

It is Konyaspor's turn

In Turkish football, which has been under the hegemony of Istanbul for years, the voices of Anatolian teams are louder. Football, which is monopolized by Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş in Turkey, has increased the enjoyment of watching with the Anatolian teams coming to the fore in recent years.

We can see that teams such as Kayserispor, Adana Demirspor and Sivasspor, and Konyaspor are able to compete with the teams described as the 4 big ones. In the next 5-6 years, another champion will definitely emerge from Anatolia. Just like Trabzonspor put an end to Istanbul hegemony years ago. Bursaspor has achieved this success in the recent history and has made its name among the teams that have won the Super League championship. If city teams are supported, many cities with football culture will have a say in the Super League and the quality of the league will increase even more.

Let’s Mention Konyasport

Having started the season at an excellent level and completing the first 6 weeks at the top without conceding a goal, Konyaspor managed to enter the World Cup by recovering, although it entered a downward trend after the 7th week. After the Ümraniye match won in the 8th week, the green-white team, which entered a long pause period, could not win in this process, and the start of the magnificent league suddenly turned upside down.

It was very difficult after the 12th week of Kasımpaşa match, which was played in the home field and ended with a 1-1 draw... While both the points lost as a result of the referee's mistakes and the management's failure to defend the club's rights sufficiently angered the fans, they increased the concerns in the two challenging away games to be faced. Konyaspor, who went to the two most difficult away games of the league, surprised again with the results they got. Despite falling behind from Trabzon away, the team got 1 point, and then they managed to return with 3 points from the Kayseri displacement, which passed the last 5 weeks without being defeated and put its name into the summit race. Just like in Trabzon, Konyaspor, who fell behind at the beginning of the match in this away game, performed well in the match without breaking the team discipline and cheered up. While the teams in the top 8 in the league, whose 14 weeks have passed, have their names written in the summit race, it is a fact that the race will get even hotter after the break. Konyaspor, which could not make the correct staff planning at the beginning of the season, but completed the first 14 weeks above expectations, is of great importance in the interim transfer season. It is possible to continue the difficult summit race with the right reinforcements. It is of great importance for the city that; Konyaspor, which forced Trabzonspor in the championship race for a long time last season, is also a partner in the race this season. I believe that with the right planning Konyaspor, which has managed to bring the Turkish Cup and Super Cup to the museum recently, can take the lead in a few seasons, if not this season. 

As long as the right things are done…

A city the size of a metropolis like Konya deserves to be at the top of football.