Monday, 30 January 2023
Exploring the Historic Konya Iplikçi Mosque: A Window into Seljuk Architecture and Art

Exploring the Historic Konya Iplikçi Mosque: A Window into Seljuk Architecture and Art

The Konya Iplikçi Mosque is a marvel of Seljuk architecture and a must-see destination in Konya. Built in the 13th century by Seljuk Sultan Mehmet Bey, the mosque has a dome-shaped plan and is a significant architectural example. The mosque's name derives from the market where the threads used in its construction were sold by the thread sellers.

Iplikçi Mosque, located immediately east of Konya's famed Alaeddin Hill and also known as Ebulfazl Masjid by others. The mosque, which was formerly located on a smaller plot of ground, was gradually extended, and gained its current design. Despite the lack of a building inscription, several historical sources indicate that Mevlana Celalettin Rumi preached here previously.

Inside the mosque, there are important works of art from the Seljuk period. In particular, the mosque's beautiful mosaics and decorated ceilings are worth seeing. Additionally, wandering around the mosque's courtyard is an ideal opportunity to better understand the mosque's magnificent architecture and history.

The 19th-century baroque mihrab and the remnants of the earlier Seljuk-style mihrab are only two of the things that distinguish this mosque. The tiles in this work, like many Seljuk masterpieces, have taken their place in the mosque as architectural richness and a feature that visitors should notice. With all these examples of handicrafts, the mosque stands out as an incontrovertible example among the Seljuk works in Konya.

Finally, after being renovated by the Museums Directorate in 1945, the mosque operated as the Classical Works Department of the Konya Museum for a time until being transformed back into a mosque. The building's minaret base and facade walls, which had remained in the pit due to road and pavement construction done over the period, were repaired, and enlarged.

The Konya Iplikçi Mosque is a place that should definitely be visited during your travels to Konya. This historically and architecturally significant building is an ideal starting point for understanding Konya's history and culture.