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A Journey Along Çarşamba Stream

A Journey Along Çarşamba Stream

The historical records describe the relationship between the Ottomans and Karamanids, with the Çarşamba Stream serving as the boundary between their territories. However, there is no information on the characteristics of the Çarşamba Stream, which can vary significantly depending on the season and its flow regime. The stream originates from the Geyik Mountains, with an elevation of 2500 meters on the western border of the Central Taurus Mountains and flows northwest for about 100 kilometers until it reaches the Konya Plain, passing through Steppe City.


According to local experts, the Aygır Spring, fed by Lake Sarıot, is the primary source of the Çarşamba Stream. The underground waters that emerge from the Sarıot Lake through swallow holes at an elevation of 1710 meters in the west of the basin flow to the surface through the Aygır Spring and form the first source of the Çarşamba Stream.

Several other streams, including Kuruçay, Kayapınar, Söğüt, and Çökelez, merge with the Çarşamba Stream, beginning their long journey from this point. Along the way, the stream passes through settlements such as Karacahisar, Sorkun, Dere, and Çağlayan before joining the Kozdere River, which is connected to the Çarşamba Canal carrying water from Lake Beyşehir and Lake Suğla, in the Blue Defile (Mavi Boğaz) in Su Çatı after the town center.

The Çarşamba Stream then reaches the Çumra Apa Dam and the Konya Plain after the Blue Defile, dividing into various branches and ending in the Karakaya marshes in the summer. In winter, the waters that reach much further form a 60 km² lake in the Hotamış Marshes. The Çarşamba Stream, which originates from the Geyik Mountains at an altitude of 2,500 meters, descends to 1,100 meters when it reaches the Blue Defile Valley. However, fed by rain and snow waters throughout its journey, the stream's flow increases with the inclusion of various karst springs. This can result in sudden increases in the stream's flow during rainy periods, causing significant damage to the district center and surrounding settlements. Despite its unpredictable nature, the Çarşamba Stream is a vital source of life for Konya, Çumra, and Bozkır, flooding the breadbasket of Anatolia with its waters.

If you find yourself in Bozkır, we recommend walking along the Çarşamba Stream, particularly in the Blue Defile region. Along the way, you can enjoy various natural and historical attractions.