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Aygır Waterfall

Aygır Waterfall

Bozkır is a district of Konya that is famous for its highlands, and within the district lies the Aygır Waterfall, a renowned spring located 35 km from the town center. The local people refer to the spring as "su gözü" which translates to the "eye of water", and it is also known by other names such as Aygır Ağzı and Aygır Waterfall. The area is not just famous for its natural beauty but also for the water mills that line the creek, making it a popular recreational spot for locals from nearby provinces and districts. To get to Aygır Spring, visitors need to first travel to the Bozkır city center.

While it is possible to reach the spring directly without passing through the city center, it is recommended to do so to follow the iconic route of Çat, Dere, Sorkun, and Karacahisar, which will lead you to a historical bridge located in a lush green valley. If you follow the creek that runs under the bridge, you will eventually reach the spot where the water cascades over the rocks. As you explore the area, you will also come across small and large historical water mills that were used for tahini production. It is highly recommended to visit one of these mills and taste the delicious tahini, which locals refer to as "dahanın dadına". For visitors from other countries, this experience of breathing the air around the historical water mills and tasting tahini while surrounded by the aroma of sesame seeds is truly unique.


Aygır Spring, which is the source of Çarşamba Stream, is located on a highland with an elevation of 1,710 m, in the southwest of the basin in Bozkır Karacahisar District. The spring is formed by the rise of the underground waters of Lake Sarıot, which emerge from the big rocks in the valley between two hills at the foot of the mountain. The spring is characterized by its ice-cold waters that flow forcefully among the rocks and split into branches, merging with the Çarşamba Stream.

The Aygır Spring is a popular spot for picnics, especially on weekends, where locals from Bozkır, surrounding districts, and even Konya come to enjoy the facilities provided by the municipality such as toilets, fountains, and a mosque. During the week, the promenade area is relatively quiet. If you arrive early in the morning, you can have a pleasant picnic by barbecuing, brewing tea in a black teapot, and enjoying the fresh air. The summits of the surrounding mountains are covered in snow almost all year round, and when the snow melts in the spring, the waters start to overflow, making it a beautiful time to visit. If you enjoy hiking, you can reach Lake Sarıot by following the pathway next to the spring. Aygır Spring is a must-visit spot for nature enthusiasts and photography lovers who can revel in the magnificent nature and fresh air of the area.