Thursday, 23 May 2024
French Adventurer Takes a Break in Konya

French Adventurer Takes a Break in Konya

The French adventurer Yann Lenormand, who embarked on a world tour by bicycle, took a break in the district of Karapınar in Konya.


24-year-old Yann Lenormand, who set off on a world tour with his bicycle from France, arrived in Turkey after traveling through 7 countries. The French adventurer took a break in the district of Karapınar and chatted with locals while exploring the Book Cafe. He also visited Meke Lake and Acıgöl, taking plenty of photographs along the way.


French adventurer Yann, who stated that he has been in Turkey for a month and visited cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Afyon, and Konya, said that Turkish people are the most hospitable among all the people he has encountered in the countries he has traveled to.


Yann Lenormand, who mentioned that he set off from France at the beginning of February 2023, stated that he reached Turkey after passing through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, and Greece. He mentioned that he covered a distance of 6,300 kilometers by pedaling through 7 countries to reach Turkey. The French adventurer also revealed that his next destination is Iran.


Yann Lenormand, stating that he pedals 80 kilometers per day, said, "The bicycle world tour will continue for 2 more years. I will also visit countries like Iran, Pakistan, and India. I plan to complete my journey in Vietnam."