Saturday, 02 December 2023
Karaburun Beach in Konya Opens for the Summer Season

Karaburun Beach in Konya Opens for the Summer Season

Beyşehir boasts numerous natural attractions that are well-known among enthusiasts. Among these areas, one particular spot extensively frequented by the locals of Beyşehir and Konya is undeniably "Karaburun Beach".



Karaburun Beach is one of the places that has managed to carry its fame outside of Beyşehir today. Although overshadowed by the popularity of sea, sand, and sun tourism in nearby cities like Alanya and Manavgat, Karaburun Beach has become a preferred destination for those seeking alternative forms of tourism.



To reach Karaburun, embark on a journey from Beyşehir in the direction of the old Antalya Road. Along this beautiful route, which stretches approximately 15 km parallel to the lakeshore with the majestic Anamas mountains ahead, the lake accompanies you all the way until you reach the Ministry of Youth and Sports Scouting facilities. Upon reaching the facilities, take the left turn that leads you into the forest rather than the beach. Although the path may seem to take you deep into the woods, causing you to momentarily lose sight of the coastline, if you follow the Karaburun signs without hesitation, you will be greeted by officers at the checkpoint after 3-4 km. The road beyond the main route is a well-maintained path that keeps the dust at bay, and the scenery that unfolds after passing the officers will undoubtedly reward your efforts.



Daily visitors who are acquainted with the unique qualities of this picturesque beach, boasting fine sand, nestled amidst shades of green and blue, spanning two kilometers, often bring along barbecues to savor fish while admiring the sunset. The beach is adorned with pergolas and seating areas beneath canopies, triggering an irresistible urge to indulge in a barbecue feast. Additionally, there are enchanting tree houses available for rent, providing equally delightful accommodation options. The mosquito problem in the area has been gradually diminishing, and improved lighting further enhances the quality of service.



Karaburun Beach comes highly recommended, particularly for individuals who struggle to find time for extended vacations due to their hectic work schedules. It serves as an ideal retreat for those who enjoy swimming in pools, even if they cannot replace the allure of the sea, at the conclusion of a weekend. Although reeds, which pose the greatest threat to the pristine sand and clear water and can be found in close proximity to the beach, serve as nests and breeding grounds for fish and birds, occasional reed remnants scattered along the shore can be bothersome. Despite these aspects, Karaburun Beach offers an alternative weekend getaway for residents of Konya and its environs. However, remember to purchase your fish and picnic equipment before departing from the center of Beyşehir, or ensure you have a fishing rod in your vehicle.