Saturday, 02 December 2023
Karapınar Desert: Turkey's Only Desert

Karapınar Desert: Turkey's Only Desert

The Karapınar Desert, which has the distinction of being the only desert in our country, is located in the district of Karapınar in Konya. Karapınar district is one of the driest areas in Turkey and has intense temperatures. The region has predominantly karstic terrain. Due to the low amount of rainfall, soil erosion increases over time. As a result, the pieces that erode and fall off from the soil take the form of sand dunes and are lined up in the form of hills.


The fact that it is the only one in our country has made Karapınar not only a popular destination for locals but also for foreign tourists who visit the area frequently.

Among the reasons behind the formation of the Karapınar Desert are the degradation caused by the local population in the area as well as the impact of the harsh winds on the soil.


Karapınar district, which is one of the driest regions in Turkey and has high-temperature values, is predominantly composed of karstic terrain. Due to very low rainfall, soil erosion increases over time, leading to the formation of sand dunes and hills as the eroded pieces of soil accumulate.


If you want to experience the unique atmosphere of the Karapınar Desert, which also experiences sandstorms, then you must try the camel tours, which are the most authentic way to explore the area.


Karapınar Desert is one of the rare places in Turkey where safaris are organized. This natural wonder of a desert offers a diverse range of activities and opportunities for adrenaline-seeking visitors.


Karapınar Desert is one of the deserts in the world with the most greenery. It impresses visitors by creating a harmonious whole with both the desert and the vegetation.


Karapınar Desert is located 100 km away from the center of Konya. If you travel towards Sakyatan from Konya, you will reach the Karapınar Desert.