Saturday, 02 December 2023
Konya's Hidden Paradise: Çetmi Waterfall

Konya's Hidden Paradise: Çetmi Waterfall

The Çetmi Waterfall in the Taşkent district of Konya is awaiting visitors with its untouched nature, rich vegetation, and deep canyon.



The canyon located within the boundaries of Çetmi Village, which is affiliated with the Taşkent district of Konya, and the waterfall formed by the flowing stream in the middle, are waiting to be explored with their untouched natural beauty.



The Çetmi Waterfall, nestled among steep cliffs at the foothills of the Central Taurus Mountains, transforms into a unique beauty in all four seasons. It captures the interest of camping, sightseeing, trekking, and nature sports enthusiasts.



The Çetmi Canyon, surrounded by steep mountains and occasionally featuring cliffs within, followed by plains, holds the distinction of being one of the lesser-known canyons. The stream running through the middle of the canyon forms numerous waterfalls of varying sizes. The most notable among these waterfalls is the Çetmi Waterfall, which cascades into a large pool from a height of around 50 meters.



The melted snow waters of the Taurus Mountains, after the waterfall, journey approximately 150 kilometers to meet the Mediterranean Sea.



The surroundings of the waterfall, also known as Ayboğazı Waterfall by the local people, have been arranged by the Taşkent Municipality as a recreation area while preserving its natural appearance. A bridge made of logs allows access to the other side of the stream. There is the opportunity to view and photograph the waterfall from various points throughout the recreational area.