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Kwangjin Park: A Symbol of Friendship Between Korea and Konya

Kwangjin Park: A Symbol of Friendship Between Korea and Konya

The brotherhood bond that emerged between South Korea and Turkey due to the Korean War is reflected not only in the monument dedicated to Turks in Korea but also in one of the architectural works built in Turkey with Korean design. This particular work is found in the town of Ereğli in Konya, Turkey.



Kwangjin Park, also known as the Korea Brotherhood Park, emerges as a recreational area that both symbolizes friendship with Korea and commemorates our martyrs in Korea. It is located in Konya and is considered one of the places to visit in Konya. The park was established in a spacious area, and its official opening date is recorded as October 16, 2002.



Kwangjin is a city located in South Korea, and the park takes its name from this city. The construction of Kwangjin Park in Ereğli has been carried out within the framework of the Brotherhood and Cooperation Protocol signed between Kwangjin Municipality and Ereğli Municipality. This park, jointly built by the two municipalities on an area of 18,500 square meters, adds a unique touch to Ereğli and aims to further strengthen the friendship and brotherhood between the two countries.



The reason for constructing the park in Ereğli is rooted in the martyrdom of Captain Kamil Atalay during the Korean War. Kudret Oltan, a resident of Ereğli who was studying for his master's degree in Korea, laid the foundation for this brotherhood between the two cities. During his visit to the mayor's office, Oltan mentioned Captain Atalay, who had fallen as a martyr in Korea. Mayor Johnyung Sump was deeply moved by the story and expressed his desire to enhance the relationship, leading to his visit to the Mayor of Ereğli. During the Mayor of Ereğli's visit to Korea, a protocol was signed as well, solidifying the ties between the two cities.



Within the spacious area of the park, which reflects the local fauna of the region, you can find:


  • Artificial lake
  • Tea gardens
  • Vocational high school and practice area
  • Amphitheater
  • Football, basketball, and volleyball courts
  • Picnic areas
  • Wedding hall
  • Walking paths 

With its facilities and plant structure, the park sets an example not only for Konya but also for Turkey as a recreational area.