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Lake Beyşehir National Park

Lake Beyşehir National Park

Lake Beyşehir National Park is located near Lake Beyşehir and is Turkey's largest national park. Established by the Council of Ministers in 1993, this national park covers an area of 88,750 hectares. Turkey has a total of 40 national parks under the protection of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, and Lake Beyşehir National Park is the largest among them. Lake  Beyşehir is Turkey's largest freshwater source and is home to two separate national parks: Beyşehir and Kızıldağ. Lake Beyşehir National Park attracts visitors as one of Turkey's most important natural sites.



The forests of Beyşehir National Park consist of juniper, black pine, fir, cedar, and oak species. As the trees extend towards the shores of Lake Beyşehir, they embellish the bays and coves of the lake with a unique view. This national park stands out with its exceptional landscape beauty, serving as an important habitat for migratory birds, offering lake shores suitable for water sports, and boasting cultural riches from the Seljuk period, among other valuable resources.




The presence of numerous islands of varying sizes within Lake Beyşehir National Park increases the interest of visitors in this natural site. These islands hold importance as breeding and nesting areas for waterfowl. Various species such as divers, swans, cormorants, herons, and ducks are known to use these islands as wintering and breeding grounds. The alkaline nature of the lake water in the national park also provides a habitat for creatures such as carp, sea bass, as well as aquatic turtles and snakes.



Lake Beyşehir National Park experiences a high influx of visitors between May and October. Visitors are provided with the opportunity for day camping in green coastal areas with tents and caravans, and the town center can be used for various accommodation options. Furthermore, Lake Beyşehir is the only water source in Turkey that is protected as two separate national parks.