Saturday, 02 December 2023
New Sightseeing Route in Konya: Hacıakif Island

New Sightseeing Route in Konya: Hacıakif Island

Hacıakif Island, which is one of the 33 islands in Konya Beyşehir Lake and attracts attention with its area of 2 thousand 650 decares, has become a frequented point for nature lovers

The island, which can be reached after a journey of about 2 hours with the cruise yachts on the lake from the port on the shore from the district center, can be reached after a 10-minute boat ride from the nearest coastal settlement center, Yeşildağ Neighborhood.

Visitors who come to the island by yacht tours and boats do not leave the region without visiting the cave in the place. The island, which is also very rich in algae and endemic plants, where the lotus plants that cover its shores and fascinate those who see it, also contains many different insect species.

Stating that nature lovers who do not see Hacıakif Island, which can be reached by inflatable boats and those who want to set up a camping tent and fish on weekends, should definitely see it, Beyşehir Culture and Tourism Association President Mustafa Büyükkafalı said, "On Hacıakif Island, which has a coast surrounded by reeds and rocks, especially the water plants called lotus, welcome the visitors with all their beauty. The island, which is green with oak trees and where giant trees are rising, has become the center of attention of visitors with the spread of island tours by boats in recent years."