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The Most Beautiful Islands of Konya

The Most Beautiful Islands of Konya

In the district of Beyşehir in Konya, there are 33 islands that many citizens are not aware of. These islands, creating a visual feast with their scenery, enchant visitors with their beauty.


Konya is among the cities rich in cultural and natural beauty. Among the favorite places in the city with many hidden treasures worth visiting are the islands.


The islands are located on the shores of Beyşehir Lake in Konya. In the lake, there are a total of 33 islands of various sizes, formed by the submerged extensions of hills. Larger islands are typically situated to the west of the lake.


MADA ISLAND: With an area of 8,220 hectares, Mada Island is the largest island on Beyşehir Lake, and it has a village on the island. The building, which has been renovated by the General Directorate, is now utilized as the Beyşehir Municipality Exhibition and Meeting Hall.


HACI AKIF ISLAND: Located to the south of the cluster of islands in Beyşehir Lake, Hacı Akif Island boasts a cave that is 100 meters long and famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. The walls of this intriguing cave are adorned with historical decorations. The island is also rich in moss and insect species. Within the island, there is a breeding of deer, Pekin ducks, and quails.


IGNELI ISLAND: It is the most popular island for tourism on the lake. The island's beaches and coves are covered with red sands, and its highest peak stands at 1282 meters.


ÇEÇEN ISLAND: Also known as Terkenli, Aşağıağıl, and Gavur Island, this island features historical architectural remnants, a bathhouse, granaries, farmhouses, and a cave. The tiles from the bathhouse are on display in a museum in Konya.


AYGIR ISLAND: This island shares the characteristics of Iğneli Island with its beautiful scenery, climate, and sand. The Anamas Mountains rise from the western shores. There are also church ruins on the island.