Thursday, 18 July 2024
Where Are These Meram Vineyards?

Where Are These Meram Vineyards?

A summertime cafe has started to serve in Meram Vineyard, which is a project to revitalize the historical Meram atmosphere. Meram Municipality Mayor Kavuş stated that “It will contribute to the green texture, social life and tourism of the district.”

Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş mentioned about the Meram Vineyard Project, which will revive the Meram Vineyards, which Evliya Çelebi praised in his Travel Book.

“Meram Cafes are ready to serve”

Mayor Kavuş said that “The open air cafes in Meram Vineyard started to serve. These cafes, which we will serve with good service quality and reasonable price policy, has been designed as a place that offers our fellow citizens the opportunity to rest in peace and spend time with their friends and relatives in the best way possible. The garden, which will host its guests in an area of ​​18 thousand square meters surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees, will be the focus of attention of our fellow citizens. We will be very happy to welcome our guests in this place in the best possible way.”

“Meram Vineyards are ready for the citizens”

Kavuş stated that “There is a question that the tourists who come to our city always ask; “Where are the Meram Vineyards?” In fact, Meram Vineyards are houses with vineyards and gardens in this region. We are completing the Meram Vineyard Project in order to contribute to the promotion of our district. We have built a stone building, vineyard, orchard and an open air cafe to the 18000 m2 land located at the intersection of Yeni Meram Street and Yaka Street and which has been idle for years. Nearly a thousand grape vines and approximately 150 fruit seedlings have been planted in the area. When our vines produce grapes and our saplings bear fruit, our guests will be able to taste natural grapes and fruits. We can also see squirrels in the apelite trees here. We have created an environment where the ambience of the "Historical Meram Vineyards" can be experienced again, among the pelit trees in a lush nature. The project is nearly completed.”