Friday, 14 June 2024

Journey to the Past: "The Time Museum"

Located in Sille, Konya's 5,000-year-old historical neighborhood, the "Time Museum" takes its visitors on a journey through history with both its location and its instruments that measure time from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic.

Located in the historical Sille Neighborhood of Konya, the "Time Museum" takes its visitors on a journey through history with the tools it exhibits about the "time" belonging to the Ottoman and Republican periods and the feature of its geographical location.

In the first-time museum of Turkey, which was established in the Sille Chapel, whose restoration was completed by the Seljuk Municipality in order to develop tourism in Sille, which dates back to 5 thousand years, and to protect the historical and cultural heritage, tools showing the "time" used for hundreds of years are exhibited.

Among the interesting works of the museum are specially designed clocks belonging to the Ottoman and Republican periods, ruznames arranged by Ottoman pashas and issued for general use, pocket and table calendars and handwritten-printed calendars used in official offices.

Reflecting the multi-religious and multicultural structure of Sille for hundreds of years, the museum is located side by side and intertwined with Muslim and Christian cemeteries.

In addition, many works such as pocket watches with gold and silver hobbs, the ruler calendar of the Turkish Aeronautical Association with geographical and economic data according to the provinces, the archaeological sundial example of the Roman period and the Ottoman period sundial reproduction still on the qibla wall of Konya Hacı Hasan Mosque attract attention.

The Zaman Museum, which was restored by the municipality and turned into a museum, received the "Continuity Award" within the scope of the "Competition for Encouraging Historical and Cultural Heritage Conservation Projects and Practices of the Union of Historical Cities" organized by the Union of Historical Cities.