Thursday, 23 May 2024
Konya Numune Hospital, the City's Prominent Hospital

Konya Numune Hospital, the City's Prominent Hospital

The 2022 evaluation meeting of Konya Numune Hospital was held under the chairmanship of the Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç. The health services provided at Numune Hospital were discussed at the meeting with the participation of all hospital administrators, specialist physicians, and service responsible nurses, together with Hospital Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Halil Ekrem Akkurt, accompanied by statistical data.

"The Healing Gateway of the City"

Speaking about Konya Numune Hospital's history, culture, and traditions as the city's flagship hospital, the Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç began his speech by stating that "Our Numune Hospital is a healthcare facility that our citizens see as the apple of their eye and have been turning to as a gateway to healing for years. Although Konya City Hospital with a capacity of 1250 beds has started to provide services at full capacity, Numune Hospital has managed to bear an important healthcare burden of our city both during the pandemic period and in the normalization process after the pandemic." thanking everyone who contributed to this success, from cleaning personnel to doctors.

"Healthcare services were provided to a total of 1 million 398 thousand patients in 2022"

Prof. Dr. Koç highlighted that Numune Hospital, with a capacity of 610 beds, 120 outpatient clinics, 16 operating theaters, and 1,898 staff, provided medical treatment services to a total of 1,398,000 patients in 2022, of which 397,907 were from the emergency department. He also announced that during the same period, a total of 36,985 surgeries were performed, including 15,307 special surgeries, at the hospital. Prof. Dr. Koç also emphasized that Konya Numune Hospital is the only public hospital that performs corneal transplantation and stated that extremely challenging surgeries are performed successfully at the hospital.

Prof. Dr. Koç emphasized that a total of 220 physicians work at Konya Numune Hospital, including 179 specialists and 41 general practitioners. He also stated that with both specialist doctors and over 600 nurses and midwives, the hospital has exceeded the Personnel Distribution Table (PDC) ratios at over 85%. He expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Health, Mr. Fahrettin Koca, for his support in all matters, including personnel appointments. Following Prof. Dr. Koç's speech, a presentation was made by Uz. Dr. Mustafa Parlayıcı, Deputy Director of Public Hospitals Services. The meeting ended after a detailed presentation (emergency department, outpatient clinics, operating theaters, specialized services, MHRS, etc.) and general evaluations were made.