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What to eat in Konya

What to eat in Konya

Tirit: Tirit, which is prepared with lamb, onion, parsley and spices and served with yogurt and crunchy bread; It is one of the dishes in the head of the table at weddings and special invitations.


Papara: It is a main meal made by combining stale bread with yogurt and sauce. It is usually made a lot at Ramadan tables.


Arabaşı Soup: Although is called soup, it has the potential and flavor to be the main dish.


Sac Arası: In the old years, between the sac, which was prepared by cooking method between two sheets and was a local dessert; pistachios are used in and on the dough. A sherbet dessert, the sheet is served with cream or ice cream.


Furun Kebab: Furun (oven) kebab, which dates back to the Seljuk Empire; It has even been the subject of the works of Mevlana. The meats selected from the forearms and ribs of the common lamb are prepared by cooking with oak wood in a stone oven and served with dried onions and pita.


Etliekmek: Etliekmek, which is consumed fondly by both Konya people and visitors, is one of the symbols of Konya. The length of Etliekmek is 90 cm and width 20 cm. consisting of 180 grams of dough, 100 grams of meat and 100 grams of vegetables.


Moldy Cheese: Konya Moldy Cheese, known as green cheese outside Konya, is the secret favorite of master chefs and gourmets, to tell from us. Moldy cheese, which used to be wrapped in goatskin overalls and kept in caves, is now ready to be eaten in more modern and supervised facilities.


Okra Soup: Okra Soup, which was born in the Seljuk palaces and developed with the Mevlevi tradition, has been among the indispensables of the tables especially at weddings and special invitations in Konya for centuries.

Konya Cheese Candy: Konya Cheese Candy, also known as Mevlana Sugar, has such a great reputation in the country that when Konya is mentioned, it comes to mind after Mevlana and Etli Ekmek. Its main ingredient is water and sugar. Visitors receive it as a gift to their loved ones when leaving Konya. It is especially loved by children.


Yağ Somunu: The dough baked in the pita oven is the name given to the bread in Konya. It is a cheese pita variety that is one of the pitas specific to Konya. As is customary, it is indispensable for Sunday breakfast. The Yağ Somunu, which has an indispensable place in Konya's food culture and is also known as the "pizza of Anatolia", leaves unique tastes on the palate with its taste.