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Moldy Cheese

Moldy Cheese

Useful for Diseases

Osman Duydu, who has been selling cheese for 30 years in his shop in the historical Tuz Pazarı in Bursa, said that green mould cheese is a strong antibiotic like penicillin. Stating that this cheese also strengthens the immune system, Osman Duydu said, "This cheese is a local cheese produced in Konya Ereğli. It comes in the form of “tulum” and its name is 'Konya green mouldy cheese'. They shred this cheese and mold it in special rooms. It is very useful for diseases in winter and replaces antibiotics and penicillin. In the past, in Ottoman times, before wars, soldiers used to eat this moldy cheese so that they would not get sick and be fit and strong. This cheese is a non-fat, additive-free, highland natural cheese consisting of only milk and yeast. While producing, they first press the overalls. Then they take it out of the overalls and cut it and mold it in special rooms. Then the product turns green and comes to us. This cheese comes to us from Konya Eregli.

Kanuni Used to Give It to His Army

According to the information given by Nurhan Osmanoğlu, the 4th generation granddaughter of Abdülhamid Han, Suleyman the Magnificent used to give green moldy cheese to his soldiers during the winter months so that they would not get sick. In addition, before antibiotics were found, it is recorded in the historical records that green moldy cheese was applied to the wounds of soldiers. Moldy cheese, which is a strong antibiotic for the body thanks to the antioxidants it contains, makes the body more resistant to diseases when consumed regularly. As with all dairy products, green moldy cheese, which is rich in calcium, provides great benefits for bones and joints. When moldy cheese is eaten regularly, it also heals wounds in the mouth and prevents diseases such as rheumatism and osteoporosis.

Inedible If not Moldy

Moldy cheese, known as an antibiotic among the people, or green cheese with its registered name, is a flavor you should definitely taste if you visit Konya.

Moldy cheese, which has been produced in Konya for years, is known as a kind of local and healthy cheese. Moldy cheese continues to be loved and consumed by citizens today.

Known as an Antibiotic

Bünyamin Kurucu, a tradesman in Konya's Melike Hatun Bazaar, which is popularly known as the Women's Market and selling moldy cheese for years, said, “This is an indispensable cheese in Konya. When we look back to the history, it is a cheese that has been consumed in Konya for almost a century. In fact, molding started to be done in the highlands. Afterwards, when the public loved this cheese, production was started. It is a very good registered cheese in taste and is known as an antibiotic among the people. It is also used in breakfast and pastries as it tastes well. Proprietary green cheese, which is now among the most consumed ones in Konya, is one of the kinds that does not contain any additives and is definitely organic.

Bacteria Does not Grow in the Mold

Cheese mold acts like penicillin. As it is known, in the 1700s, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming, while washing moldy pots, saw that bacteria did not grow around the mold, and he separated this substance from the mold and named it "penicillin".

Green Moldy Cheese Pastry

In addition to being consumed for breakfast in the morning, Green Mouldy Cheese, is widely used in Konya pastries called Tandoori Pastry, Loaf with butter, Fırın pastry and Recai are made.